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The next meeting of MMTANM will be July 18 , 2024 SAGA Gymnastics Candelaria . set up and swap table at 9:00 Meeting starts at 9:30. . Please wear a NAME TAG

November 2023

 MMTANM meeting minutes
Nov.16, 2023
In our meeting today we were reminded that in order to be
considered a member of MMTANM you must be on the membership list.

Susan Wright mentioned that Loreen Richards (who does oracles art)
will be having a winter tea party on Jan. 7 from 2-4:30. Unsure of location.

We will have a member show at Tortuga gallery from May 2-11, 2024.
Must get all work to be shown in by mid April.

Pam Herman did “around town”. These are upcoming art events in
our area and the list will be available on the website.

Susan Wright let us know that at the Dec. meeting we will have our
Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange. We are also
encouraged to bring refreshments.

 Also Friday, Dec. 1st will be the tree lighting ceremony on the Old Town plaza. Galleries and shops will be open, some until 8 pm.

At the Jan. meeting Larry Schulte will be doing a gold and silver leaf

As yet we are looking for demo suggestions for Feb and March.

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