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The next meeting of MMTANM will be July 18 , 2024 SAGA Gymnastics Candelaria . set up and swap table at 9:00 Meeting starts at 9:30. . Please wear a NAME TAG

Sept 2023 minutes

 Meeting Minutes: September 21, 2023
Meeting began with the introduction of new member Karen Rivera.
Next Pam Hermann give us a brief rundown of current events which will be
available on the website.
The education committee discussed making a mulberry tree and
metal works or pieces for the Fiber Arts Fiesta in the Spring. The metal
pieces must not be any larger than 4” X 6”. We will be having a workshop
on ideas and suggestions for the metal pieces. Members may sign up for
Susan Wright: This month is our member challenge show & tell on “Circles
within Circles”
The October meeting will be a discussion and Q & A on the Fiber Arts
fiesta. We will get a lot more info about the fiesta at that time. Also the
deadline for entries will be October thru the end of November.
At the November meeting Annie Hooten will be doing a demo on needle
Larry will be doing a demo on gold and silver leaf at the January meeting.
March will be our next challenge presentation and after a vote we decided
we will be doing a project using multiple textures.
In April Yoka will be doing a doll demo.
Also we will be having a mixed media show for our members at Tortuga
Gallery. Dates will be May 2nd thru May 11th, 2024.
Leslie told us that (regarding our last demo on gouache and India ink) she suggested that we also try acrylics instead of the gouache. Acrylics
will be stronger and won’t wash away so easily when the india ink is
scrubbed off.
Our current bank balance is $1922.73
Kathryn also mentioned that she has 2 new fiesta notes on the website!

Meeting ended after our regular show and tell.

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