next meeting

The next meeting of MMTANM will be March 21 , 2024 823 Buena Vista Dr SE. . set up and swap table at 9:00 Meeting starts at 9:30. . Please wear a NAME TAG

6 X 6 's



We cannot suspend from the above. No mobiles please.

If your work will need a pestle or sit on a table we need to know to order those for our booth

If your work is “floppy” , as it will not hang straight from a wire, then mount it on a board and put the wire on the back 

EX of the need for mounting

There is a NO TOUCHING rule for the fiesta. If you enter a book, people will see only the place where it is open If you want people to flip thru, let us know and ONLY the person minding the booth can flip for them Accordion books are good,

WE WANT 6” x 6” to show off our membership . These were some of the ones from AFAF2022

DO NOT enter these - Deadline is the March meeting PLEASE PLEASE put your name firmly on the back

You can leave more hints and helps below in comments after you've gone thru the process.   I now have 3 cafe accounts just to TRY to walk you thru.   YOUR HELP is always appreciated.  or email me


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